Electric Vehicles You Say: 22 Reasons from BC Hydro

Posted on Jan 12, 2022

22 reasons why you'll drive an EV (sooner or later)

An EV charging at one fast-charging station
Did you ever expect to see a fast-charging station in the Cariboo? There are several, including this one at 70 Mile House, as part of BC Hydro's growing network of chargers that can help EV drivers charge their vehicles to 80% in 45 minutes or less.

Resistance is futile... unless we're talking about...

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10 Green Resolutions for 2022 - By BC Hydro

Posted on Jan 08, 2022

Changes in behaviour – and in home energy efficiency – are within our grasp

What can we do to shrink our home energy bills and live more sustainably over the next 12 months? That's a question that may not have been top of mind a few years ago, but it's coming into sharp focus with the events of 2021.

Extreme weather events in B.C., in particular, hav...

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“Non-Market” Reasons Why it Might Be the IdealTime to Sell

Posted on Dec 28, 2021

When considering whether or not to sell their home, many people think about market conditions. They consider whether it’s a buyer’s or seller’s market. They look at trends. They try to time the sale to get the best price for their property. 

While market conditions certainly can play a role in deciding whether you should sell now rather than later...

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How to Light your Home for an Evening Viewing

Posted on Dec 26, 2021

When you’re selling your home, you may find buyers who want to see it later in the evening, when it’s dark outside. In that circumstance, effective home lighting becomes more important. 

The best place to start is with exterior lighting. If you have soft ground lamps on the walkway, make sure those are turned on. That will make for a more pleasant a...

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5 Tips for Preparing for an Early-in-the-Year Sale

Posted on Dec 23, 2021

There are numerous reasons why you might need to sell early in the year. Perhaps you even need to sell this month! Whatever your reasons, preparation is key. Make the right moves now and your sale is likely to go smoothly and successfully.

Follow these tips: 

1. Make a list of what needs to be done around the property to prepare it for listing. That...

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Getting the “Inside Scoop” on a Listing

Posted on Dec 22, 2021

Throughout the history of journalism, reporters would pride themselves on getting the “inside scoop” on a story. In fact, that’s where that expression came from. 

So imagine you’re shopping for a new home and click on a listing online. Up comes all the property information. But, chances are, there is more to the story of that property than is presen...

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